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04 September 2009 @ 08:41 pm
challenge 1, round 2: results  
First, I want to apologize for falling behind. College started and my sleep schedule is not what it should be so I was just so dead tired afterwards and didn't have a care in the world for the computer in general.
Second, I've decided for now on, I'm going to post all the banners at the end because that's what always holds me up with posting the results, too. 'Cause I get busy before I can take the time to make them and nicely. So you won't be seeing the banners in the results entry anymore.

ELIMINATED \\ x_falsetto

with -3 votes
Sorry to see you go, but I hope you stick around to vote!

VOTER'S CHOICE \\ adina_mpj

with +1 votes | BANNER

VOTER'S CHOICE \\ darlingbones

with +1 votes | BANNER

none this week.

If your number is not listed, you received no comments.
01: - -
03: - +
04: - - - | ELIMINATED

- The coloring is too reddish in the shadows which unbalanced the coloring. The icon is too sharpened.
- the saturation is too high on his skin, making it an unflattering tone

+ The coloring is great. So is the use of negative space

- The coloring is a little too bright, should have been maybe just a bit darker, just 'cause his face in the one area of the jaw looks reallyyy bright.
+ stunning crop

- The icon is too blurry
- interesting crop but the overall colouring of the icon removes alot of contrast + depth
- The coloring is a bit orange, which is not flattering in Christian's face. It could have used a bit more contrast.

+ The crop and coloring are absolutely wonderful. The crop was well done in that nothing was cut off in an awkward way. The coloring is beautiful for this image. Perfect amount of everything.
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.redhour on September 5th, 2009 04:45 am (UTC)
Sorry you're unhappy. But it definitely will make me try harder to do things differently, seeing as others may be unhappy as well for the same reason.