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mod post: voting announcement (yep, it's a long one)

Yes, I'm here with yet another issue on voting comments. I know, enough already! But this might be a good one.

For the most recent voting posts at my LIMS communities, I was REALLY picky with comments. Because, basically, I'm trying to please everyone. Well, I'm figuring out that its just not possible, and I'll have to accept the fact that not everyone is going to approve of the way I run the community.

So, here's the new rules/guidelines and tips on how I expect you to vote.
→ As I've seen somewhere else, when voting, try to look at every icon first, then decide (for least favorites) which you can offer more advice for. The person I read that does that it seems to work well for them. For favorites, maybe try to look to see which one shows good technique and is the closest to being flawless? It's worth trying.
→ For now on, the personal preference thing is changing. I was WAY too picky previously when trying to become stern with getting better comments, well I realized I guess I just didn't know what really makes for a "too personal" reason. So as the wonderful quiddity_ helped me out with, I've decided for this part, to make it a non-personal reason, make your comments phrased in such a way so that they're based on technical reasons. The entry in which I received quiddity_'s opinion is HERE.
→ I'm still going to require that you EXPLAIN IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS YOU CAN for your reasons. "Nice crop and color" won't do anymore. The reason? Well because the maker for future reference will want to know why it was nice. What about the colors in the icon made it nice? Were they dark/bright which brought out/hid something that made it more appealing? What about the crop made it nice? Did it help focus on something? EXPLAIN. If I ask you to rephrase it for these reasons, basically I'll think to myself, after looking at the icon again and specifically for what you said, well what more can you tell the maker?

I hope that's all good, and I know it was A LOT. But, I'm just trying to make it a manageable system that everyone, or most, will appreciate. And if I ask you to rephrase a comment, but you think you did the best you could, tell me, and we'll talk it out! As long as you do your best it will most likely be okay, and you don't need to use "big" terms, in fact, it's better to use as simple of terms you can!
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